Mohammed Huzaifa

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Personal information
Full name Mohammed Huzaifa
Born 10th December 1999
Height 5Ft
Qualification Under Graduation
College St Francis College Bangalore
Work Business & Active Member of Jamiat Ulama I Hind

Mohammed Huzaifa was born on 10th December 1999 at Bangalore city Karnataka he has completed his Under graduation at St Francis College Electronic city Bangalore and also was Worked as a Subject Matter Expert, Management Information System, Vice Team leader at Hinduja Global Solutions GarebhaviPalya Bangalore & he also joined & Supports Jamiat Ulama I Hind & as well as for the state from 2021 later after doing his Lasik Eye Surgery he dropped his working carrier and rejoined back to his business carrier as whole sale supplier of taps and faucets he also attracts the customer in most prominent ways with better clarity and explanations and satisfies the customer up to the maximum level he also guides the people to know what is the base of the own religion and also has a legal influence with all sorts of religious level political level business level with great standards he has a Inspiring and multi talents to explain peoples in broad way with cute examples to know about the fact and to gain knowledge about the topic which are discussed and yet to discuss currently he also won various peoples heart about the motivation he always says the word and was written by him as “Almighty choose the peoples whom he loves not whom we loves” which gives accurate solutions to the peoples he also attends various conference & seminars of his group called Jamiat Ulama through physical & as well mode of online

May almighty bless with lots of happiness & be blessed be a blessings.