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Personal information
Full name Dr. Rohit Kumar H Rajwani
Born 10.06.1987
Born State Gujarat
Recidency State GOA
Education 10+2, BBA, MBA, PhD in Social Activism and Humanitarian Studies
Business Consultancy Services
Designations Chief Director of NGO
Other Work Non-Governmental Organizations
NGO Names Asian Diplomats AssociationRR CID Association

Dr. Rohit Kumar H Rajwani is a dynamic individual with a diverse background in consultancy services, social activism, and humanitarian work. Born in Gujarat, India, he currently resides in Goa, where he actively engages in his various professional and philanthropic endeavors.

With a solid educational foundation including a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business Administration, along with a PhD focusing on social activism and humanitarian studies, Dr. Rajwani brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his roles. As the Chief Director of both the Asian Diplomats Association and the RR CID Association, he plays a pivotal role in driving their missions forward and making a positive impact in the community.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Rajwani is deeply involved in non-governmental organizations, working tirelessly to address social issues and promote positive change. His dedication to these causes reflects his strong belief in using his skills and resources to uplift others and create a better world.

In addition to his work in consultancy and NGOs, Dr. Rajwani is also a successful entrepreneur, with over 15 years of experience in business. He is the Co-Founder of RR Asian Group and La Fly Fair Pvt Ltd, where he leverages his expertise to lead innovative projects and drive growth.

As a Free Thinker within the Ismaili Khoja community, Dr. Rohit Rajwani embodies a spirit of openness and inclusivity, advocating for diversity and understanding in all aspects of life.

Alongside his professional achievements, Dr. Rajwani enjoys the unwavering support of his wife, La Rohit Rajwani, who stands by his side as he continues to make a difference in the world. With his passion, determination, and vision, Dr. Rohit Kumar H Rajwani is a beacon of inspiration for those around him, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change and empowerment wherever he goes.


International Tima man award 2019 Winner best crime detective

Police officer press media corona warriors award 2021

Mahatma Gandhi GLOBAL PEACE AMBASSADOR award winner 2021

Global premium icon award 2023

Dr. Rohit Kumar H Rajwani Receiving Award

Contact Details:

Mobile number +918530679110

International mobile number : +66 816417767

Email. Id : [email protected]